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Holy Cow Jerky

Teriyaki Jerky - 5 Bag Sleeve

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Made of high quality Top Round beef. Marinated for hours in an all natural blend of Teriyaki spices and flavors, and cooked to perfection. This jerky EXPLODES with flavor and spice! Keep it by your side at all times, whether you're on-the-go or just need a quick fuel boost - we've got your back. Just be careful not to shout "Holy Cow!" too loudly with your first bite...
  • High Protein

    With 19G of Protein per bag, Holy Cow! beef jerky has got your back (and the rest of you), no matter where you're going, or how much effort it takes. How's that for KAPOW!

  • All Natural

    Recognize (and pronounce!) every ingredient in Holy Cow Products. And know that you're fueling up clean every time you enjoy a bite!

Feel good about eating your fill!

If you've ever wondered what makes up a fantastic jerky, we've gone ahead and built the ingredients for you:

1. High quality cuts of Angus Top Round Beef

2. All Natural, premium and proprietary spice blends and marinades

3. The perfect cook - so that you can rip and chew to your hearts delight